For many people, commencing a fitness programme and embedding new healthy habits is difficult. There may be many barriers to overcome; lack of time or energy, uncertainty about what to do, conflicting advice about exercise and nutrition, self-consciousness training with others, lack of motivation and so on.


Personal training is personal! I work with clients one-to-one (or one-to-two for those who prefer to train with a friend) to assess their individual needs, develop goals, plan and deliver personalised exercise programmes which are safe, effective, sustainable and enjoyable.  


Services Overview

Personal Training

Client performing seated shoulder press
Fit4Life Personal Training Studio - Interior

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Small Group Training

For those who enjoy the social benefits of training with others, I teach group fitness classes in Marthall (near Knutsford) and Hale Barns (near Altrincham). 

Group training - Core exercises

This can be a fun, low cost alternative to personal training and a great way to workout in the company of friends. It provides the opportunity to enjoy mutual encouragement and a little friendly competition perhaps, while still progressing at your own pace.


For more information on Group Training, click here.